"The Queen of Alternative Soul"

Kaely could sing "yabba dabba doo" and make it sound like the most meaningful, soulful thing you've ever heard. The heart, the dynamics, the honesty - it all adds up to something greater than the sum of those parts because her songwriting comes from such an organic place, you really get a special microscope into who she is, not necessarily as a singer, but as a human. At times reminiscent of a more eclectic Laura Welsh melded with Wanda Jackson (imagine that!), Kaely's brand of soul takes on many shapes - from heart-quivering dreamscapes that sound like an echo response to Jeff Buckley's most rousing and progressively intimate ballads to foot-stomping blues romps that make you wonder if Stooges-era Iggy had a sex change. It's unique and it's a melting pot you've never really heard before. She might make you laugh, but her music will make you shut-up.


Press: Annjie Houston, LaFamos PR


(323) 668-9383


All Other Inquiries: kaelysingz@gmail.com